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MOOG brings you a full range of wheel bearings

When a car needs brake work, the wheel-end bearings should be checked. Each bearing consists of rollers, a cage and inner and outer raceways and every part must be inspected for discolouration, etching, spalling, misalignment and fractures.

MOOG offers the most complete wheel bearing range in the market. The innovative design of these direct replacement parts makes them strong and anti-friction, ensuring a safe, smooth steering performance for many more miles.

How is high performance achieved?

A premium seal design prevents contamination and protects bearing life. Each steel bearing is manufactured to ultra-precise tolerances for minimal vibration and longer life. Crowned raceways and rollers prevent misalignment and the rollers are precision-matched to reduce vibration. The bearings are enhanced through a sophisticated heat treatment process for maximum material hardness and extended life.

Quick-look benefits

  • LONG-LASTING: Made of premium materials and put through severe durability tests
  • STRONG: Extra resistant to heavy loads and pollutants
  • CONVENIENT: Comprehensive range from Generation 0 up to Generation 3 bearings
  • EASY: All hardware is included for speedy installation
  • TIP: signs of wheel-end bearing damage include vibration, noise and irregular brake pedal response.